3 Hour Experiential Tele-Satsang

Sunday | Feb. 24th | 10am-1pm MT

The Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom – How to use the Understanding of the NS in Inquiry


Participants will receive a 20 min video with Neelam speaking about the core principles of the teaching.

Inquiry is a powerful and a very direct way to address and end Suffering in a moment.

Sitting for Inquiry creates a new habit of identifying and addressing the cause of suffering – the movement away from Presence.

The understanding of the NS and brain is essential for our ability to be Present to what arises here – current events, circumstances of life and unmet tendencies of the past.

In our search for Truth the workings of the nervous system often remain hidden and we don’t always fully understand or know experientially what capacity is and what Being Here really means or is.

When unmet, un-experienced tendencies of the Past arise – and we so often believe it or identify ourselves with that – that shows up as thoughts and as feelings, emotions and sensations and it affects and manifests in our physiology.

If there is no awareness of that and no capacity to Be Here our nervous system reacts and moves into fight/ flight/ freeze or overwhelm and we end up re-enacting or suppressing and so perpetuating the Past.

The capacity of our nervous system to Be Here and experience the arising past is often the missing link between our desire for Truth and Freedom and our ability to independently experience Presence and Self-Inquiry, which is what takes us directly into Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

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