28th April, 2019 | 10am-2pm

4-Hour Intensive for Returning Students
(For students who have attended a 6-Month Program before)

Freedom In Every Moment –
Awakening, Freedom, and
How Survival Strategies become the Way we Relate.

* Participants will receive a video with Neelam speaking about Why do we need to Awaken and, Awakening

We have an amazing opportunity in this lifetime to Awaken to the Truth of who we really are.

Identifying oneself as the sense of “ I “ is the very cause of suffering and the cycle of suffering is going to continue until the illusion of that identification is pierced.

Knowing that it is the Desire for Truth, and the unfinished unmet tendencies that bring us here – into this life and into this moment – opens a profound opportunity for Awakening

Having completed a 6-month program before, you already have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Truth, Inquiry, Awakening, and Freedom.  Though, we often still struggle with deep seated tendencies that are stronger than our Desire for Truth and take our attention away from Presence.

In this day long intensive I will be addressing the key elements to becoming more focused  and direct in your practice and in our quest for Awakening Embodiment and Freedom.

Areas of focus

  • Why do we need to Awaken?
  • What is ego and Inquiry into the illusion of Separation.
  • Survival strategies, recovering the ground of Presence and how Survival strategies become the way we relate.

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Sliding Scale: $55-135

Registrations Close at 8 am Mountain on the day of the event – Be sure to register early!

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