26th May | 10 am – 2 pm Mountain

4 Hour Intensive for Returning Students
For Students who have completed a 6 month program.

Freedom in Every Moment – True Love, What is the core of fear, and how to embody  challenging and expanded states – fear, anger, Love, bliss, etc.

*Students will receive a video on ” How to embody challenging and expanded states”


We often have a misunderstanding about Love, believing it to be a feeling, a “me” related object or a thing.  Instead, in Truth, we are Love and Love is not something that we have or give.  True Love is the essence, the core of our natural state, it is a state of Presence or Being.

Knowing Presence as Spaciousness, Silence, or the Unknown, and knowing Presence as true openness and Love, gives us a full and complete experience of Presence.

Fear – even though at times justified by a true threat to this body’s survival – arises as we identify ourselves as a sense of “I”.  That limited and “separate” experience of who we are is “fearful” for its survival and for a loss of its perceived “identity”.


Becoming aware of True Love and the possibility to fully surrender into it is supported by inquiring into the sense of “I” and fear itself, which reveals directly the Spaciousness and Love that we are. This becomes an invitation to an even deeper Surrender.

In the process of Embodiment – of living what we know is true – we encounter challenging states that are difficult to accept, identify and embody.  There is often judgment and a misunderstanding about those states, sometimes even “spiritual” conditioning.  Un-acceptance allows for these states to remain suppressed or disembodied thus perpetuating the unconscious habits of the past.

Limited capacity in the nervous system to Be Here applies both to fear, anger, and other challenging states, as well as to Love, bliss, and expanded states. An impaired nervous system will be challenged by both.


We will have time for Q&A and will practice understanding and meeting the core of those states as well as how to grow the capacity of the nervous system for embodiment.


Areas of focus

  • Love – what is love? Love is not a feeling or an object, True Love
  • Awakening to Presence and  true kindness and compassion – how to live in deep surrender to Silence and Love – our natural state
  • What is the core of fear – inquiry into fear itself and the sense of “I”
  • Embodiment of challenging and expanded states – fear, anger, Love, bliss

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