March 8th – 4 Hour Intensive for Returning students

(for students who have attended a 6-month program before)

10 am -2 pm Mountain

“What stops you from Presence, Awakening and Freedom Now? ???? – What is “I”?, Survival instinct and our ability to Be Here, Freedom through Discrimination and Trust

Continuing our Inquiry into “What stops us from Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom Now? ???? I want to invite us into a deeper investigation of the sense of “I ” – of what we call Ego – and how the I – an object that arises in Presence ????- takes ownership of the arising experience.

In addition, the Survival Instinct – which naturally arises here and is part of our reptilian brain – not only shows up in and affects our physiology, but it also re-triggers and “solidifies” the experience of Ego or the sense of “I”. “Uncoupling” or disengaging the Survival Instinct from the tendencies that arise here enables us to not only find Peace and rest in Presence but to also disengage more from the idea that we are “doing it” or are “the doer ” – which is what the sense of “I” really makes us believe.

There is also the question of true Discrimination in the face of the arising Past – how much are we able to recognize Past for what it really is in the moment, and are our Inquiry and skills of how to Be Here strong enough to come back to rest and so to grow in Trust?

I would like you to submit a short, 1 page, written homework ahead of this intensive where you describe:

  • a current or recurring challenge in your practice or in your ability to Be Here – choose one example 
  • your experience of the Survival instinct and how it affects your ability to Be Here – if different from above
  • Are you aware of the sense of “I“? And how are you aware of it as it arises Here?

Please sign up early for this event ! ???? so that you have a chance to submit the homework ahead of time – we would need to receive it by Tuesday, March 3rd.

Areas of interest:

  • What is Ego or “I” and how it takes ownership of the arising experience
  • Identifying the Survival instinct, uncoupling it from the tendencies of the past & experientially understanding how it can strengthen the sense of “I”
  • Inquiring into patterns that moment-by-moment stop you from Being Here. 
    How to grow in Discrimination and Trust – strengthening our recognition of symptoms of the mind or Past

This program is for Students who have attended a 6-month program before.
Registration is by suggested donation: $55-135.
Registrations close 3-hours before the start of Satsang.
This call is held by Audio TeleConference call.

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