Freedom in Times of Change – Impermanence, Being in the World, and Money

Sunday, July 19/ 10 am – 2 pm Mountain

Returning Student Half-Day Intensive

(Returning Students have attended a 6-Month program or are suggested by Neelam to join)

In this months meeting we want to explore the changes and the inner invitation that we are experiencing now, the true meaning of Impermanence as well as how our recognition of Presence shows up in our interactions in the world–relationally and in areas connected to Survival and Money.

Our monthly meetings include:

  • Brief talk on current events
  • Guided meditation
  • Sharing & questions and answer
  • Teaching on areas of interest
  • Group and individual Inquiry

You are also always invited / welcomed to bring any questions or topics / areas of interest that you would like Neelam to address.

Many of us have been participating in our monthly half – daylongs for returning students and these meetings have been deeply awakening and nurturing of our connection in Presence, our ability to Be Here and our desire for Truth.

I will continue these monthly meetings ? and I really want to encourage your ongoing participation and if you have not been participating lately, I really encourage you to join us!!

We live in an extraordinary time–time of change, time that can bring up and make more visible tendencies of the past, time that is creating a unique and extraordinary opportunity to fulfill the true purpose of this life, which is Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

This is also a time that (almost “forced” us all collectively and individually) requires us to align ourselves more deeply with what we know is true and make a greater commitment to not only knowing the Truth of who we really are but to embody it and live it in a more consistent and fuller way in the world moment by moment. 

This is a great opportunity to refocus and reexamine our priorities in life in so many ways and also to become more aware of ideas and beliefs that we hold “dear” and that stop us from fully living the Truth that we are–from Awakening Embodiment and Freedom. 

I am inviting us – consistently ? and anew – to a deeper exploration of Truth and Embodiment in our monthly meetings that include group and individual Inquiry, teaching on a variety of topics and more and more of meaningful conversations re: what arises for us now and regarding what stops us from fully resting Here.

Sliding Scale – $55-135 for those affected by Covid-19
Returning Students have attended a 6-Month program or have been suggested by Neelam to join.

Neelam would like everybody to be able to participate in our programs at this time.  If you have lost income, or are economically affected due to Covid-19 and would like to participate in programs, you can make a donation in any amount you can afford. At the same time, we very much appreciate everybody who can pay within the sliding scale now as we also need to support and sustain our income. Thank you all for your support and participation.

You will find a scholarship choice on the registration pages for the program of your interest.

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