Sunday, June 14th, 2020
Returning Student Half-Day Intensive
10am – 2pm Mountain
For students who have attended a 6-month program with Neelam

“What stops us from Presence, Awakening and Freedom Now? ? -” “Who am I ?”, What is Embodiment and Fear as the Symptom of the Past

We live in an unusual moment in time when most of us experience some form of disruption to our daily routines and often intensified reactivity in our NSystems.

Without the soothing and balancing/regulating habits of routine there is not much to fall back to….Unfortunately, often in times of change and stress we tend to fall back into the habits of the past instead of realizing the even more pressing and visible opportunity for Freedom.

If not Now ? –in these circumstances, with those situations and responses in our NSystems going on – then when? ?

In our daylong intensive we will explore how to strengthen the immediacy of our practice moment by moment and how by understanding Presence, Direct experience and Embodiment we can use this unique moment in time for Freedom.

We will have time to Inquire together and sit with what is. 

Please register early so that I have enough time to read your page long homework for this program ?

  1. What is your practice now and what are the challenges that you experience in your practice now?
  2. Where in your moment by moment experience are you not fully Trusting the movement that arises in your Heart?

Please send your homework as an email to

Areas of interest:

  • Changing world and how it affects our ability to Be Here
  • The importance and skills of practice–Kindness, growing Trust and capacity of the NS to Be Here
  • “Who am I ?” Inquiry ‘the world arises in Presence
  • What is Embodiment and how NSystem’s fight, flight, and freeze affects the mental / physical / emotional states that we experience.
  • Fear, anxiety, survival as the symptom of the past.

Sliding scale pricing $55-135. Scholarships available
Registration closes 3 hours before the start of the program.

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