May 3-Week Program
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“Freedom in Times of Covid-19—Expanding our Capacity to Live in Peace; Resilience, the NS, and Uncertainty as a Gateway to Awakening”

Peace, Love, and Freedom are already here – at the core of our Being, always present and independent from life circumstances.

We are living in a unique moment in time, maybe in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ?  The invitation to Awakening and Freedom that is always here just became so much more available and the potential for true transformation is so profound now.

We can both individually and collectively face our fears and dependence on what we “know” as the world that we are used to is changing and falling apart.

We can use this profound slowing down and change for transformation and Freedom – for truer and deeper reliance on Peace, our true nature; for change in our way of being internally and in the world and for Awakening.

In our upcoming 3-week intensive I will be addressing many areas connected to our capacity to Be Here including trauma, embodiment of challenging states and relating, speaking about steps necessary for Awakening now and how we can practically extend our knowing in the world and relationally.

As always we will have lots of time for practice, Q and A and sharing.
Let’s use this opportunity together for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom, to grow in Peace and to expand our capacity for Peace and change in the world.

Areas of Focus:

  • The changing world – how it affects us  – and what is our opportunity for transformation
  • How to use this time to address the past and extend our capacity to live in the world in Peace
  • What is Past? Individually and Collectively 
  • Breaking the Illusion of Separation 
  • What do you need to Awaken Now
  • What is Mind and how it Creates the Illusion of Continuity and Separation 
  • Uncertainty as Gateway to Awakening 
  • Trauma, Resilience and Embodiment of Challenging States – fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, depression 
  • Finding true Peace in Relating – while distancing or sheltering in place ? – how patterns of the past affect our ability to Be Here relationally

Homework – Neelam would like to learn more about you. Please send an email to with answers to the following questions.

  1. What changes connected to the current world situation do you notice? Internally and in the world.
  2. What mental / emotional states are challenging for you to be with and embody?

Dates & Times

Week 1: Sunday, May 17th – 10am – 1pm Mountain – Complete
Week 2: Sunday, May 24th – 10am – 1pm Mountain
Week 3: Sunday, May 31st – 10am – 2pm Mountain

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When you are at Peace, the Whole World is at Peace – a guided practice to embody challenging states

Program is open to all
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