April 3-Week Program
April 12, 19 & 26
Worldwide TeleSatsang – Open to All

“How to Find Peace and use Current World Events
(Coronavirus and economic challenge)
to Connect with the True Purpose of this Life”

Peace, Love, and Freedom are already here – at the core of our Being, always present and independent from life circumstances.

As the current world events – coronavirus and economy – affect us all we can choose to address what arises for us in the face of this challenge, and as we are mindful and practical use this time to find ways to enjoy the simplified life and to reconnect to the true purpose of this life which is Freedom.

With the current events there is more reactivity in our Nervous systems and brains and the survival instinct is activated. That might mean we are feeling more fear, anxiety, worry – which appear to be very real.

Having a strong and clear practice of how to address this, and the context to put this reactivity and activation in, can give us access to true Peace and a renewed sense of invitation and opportunity for Freedom.

At any moment we can choose to become aware of and follow the deeper undercurrent of our desire for Truth and we can realise that no matter how challenging these times and changes to our life may be they are temporary and that there is always the true support and safety of Presence, Awakening and Freedom.

Areas of Focus:

  • Peace, Love, and Freedom are already here
    Freedom is the true purpose of this life
  • Presence, Okayness, Suffering, Inquiry & the role of the Nervous System in Inquiry
  • Addressing the reactivity in our Nervous Systems and Brains ???? – as it manifests as fear, worry, anxiety, money concerns etc. 
  • Understanding how change affects our Nervous System and brain
  • How to practice in times of challenge 
  • Karma, Destiny and Free Will – Understanding the context of world events and our moment by moment experience
  • Who am I? The world arises in Presence


Please register early so you can participate in this short 1-page homework: 

What is your current practice?

Please register early so you can participate in this short 1-page homework:
What is your current practice?
How does the current world situation affect your ability to Be Here? OR
What are the particular challenges that you experience in your Nervous System’s ability to Be Here?
Please send answers by email to info@neelam.org.

Dates & Times

Week 1: Sunday, April 12th – 10am – 1pm Mountain – Complete
Week 2: Sunday, April 19th – 10am – 1pm Mountain
Week 3: Sunday, April 26th – 10am – 2pm Mountain

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Program is open to all
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