January 1st, 2020
10am-2pm Mountain


New Years Day Intensive with Neelam
4 Hour – Worldwide Satsang Event

The time is Now! The most amazing opportunity – this lifetime – for Awakening and Freedom

Dear Students,

The New Year is almost here and with it another opportunity for us to come together and celebrate our devotion to and our deep Love of Truth!

It is a unique opportunity that we have in this lifetime – not only To Awaken to the Truth of who we are but to Embody that recognition and to live in Freedom.

Every moment, every circumstance of this life presents us with an invitation to reach our goal.

Sitting together in Satsang and in Inquiry not only strengthens and clarifies our desire for Truth and our intention for Awakening Embodiment and Freedom, but it also strengthens our ability to Be Here and the connection that we share.

I am very much looking forward to our time together with the intention to clarify, invigorate and align our desire for Truth, and in a very practical way, to lead you through a deeper Inquiry into what is really needed for you to Awaken, Embody and experience Freedom in this lifetime.

Areas of focus:

  • Why do we need to Awaken and why this lifetime is an amazing opportunity for Awakening Embodiment  and Freedom
  • Are you ready for Awakening? ????
  • Devotion to Truth, Surrender and the practical.application of it through self Inquiry
  • What does it mean  to Embody our recognition of Presence 
  • Discrimination – how can we tell the difference between past and Present and break our reliance on the mind.
  • Nervous System and the brain – using Nervous System to address the cause of the mental, physical and emotional states that we experience and as an entry way to Presence.
  • Growing our capacity to Be Here

Sliding Scale Suggested Donation: $55-135
Calls are recorded and sent to participants along with Notes
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