Join us for a 2-week Experiential TeleSatsang Series

April 14th – 10am – 1pm Mountain

Awakening, Embodiment & Freedom

Week 1 / April 7th – Overcoming Obstacles to Practice – 

When I speak about Practice I am not speaking about Becoming – like becoming Presence – because Presence, our True Nature, is already Here! 
So when I speak about Practice I speak about retraining our attention and about growing the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here.

This is essential to our ability to meet the arising Past and therefore essential for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

In this 3 hour intensive Neelam will be speaking about

  • Awakening, what is Practice, and what is Past
  • How does Past show up in a moment and how does it affect our Practice
  • The strength of our Desire for Truth versus the momentum of the Past
  • Identifying and addressing areas of challenge

and, practically addressing with you the patterns of the past that you experience as obstacles to practice.

Understanding the role of the nervous system in Awakening, working with what is present in this moment through Inquiry and learning the skill of how to help the nervous system and the brain to Be Here are the key to creating spaciousness and safety necessary for Practice, which is the end of the arising Past.

Week 2 / April 14th – How embodying challenging states – anger, fear, etc – stops the patterns of the Past

Awakening Embodiment and Freedom – How embodying challenging states – anger, fear, etc – stops the patterns of the Past

Areas of focus:

  • The sense of I often remains hidden – identifying the challenging states
  • Embodiment of challenging states and the action that follows from Presence

When Past arises – and it is the engagement with the Past that stops us from Awakening and Freedom – it shows up in our physiology as thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions.

We have 3 options here – engage and re-enact, which makes the past stronger ???? – suppress, which makes the past stronger !!! – or experience it as it arises Here.

With the arising of the Past arises the sense of I – which often remains “invisible” or hidden – and interferes with the simple allowing for whatever has arisen to just be experienced and to Be Here.

The sense of I is also in part shaped by our conditioning that tells us what “states” or experiences are “desirable” or “Ok”.

Without embodiment of any states but in particular of the more difficult states  – like fear, anger. Etc.. – and without seeing what the true movement is from Here, the repetition of the past continues and this is how the patterns of the Past survive.

In this 3 hour experiential intensive we will identify and practice the embodiment of different mental / emotional states and learn to recognize the movement that subsequently arise from Here.


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