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2 Worldwide TeleSatsang Events

Invitation to register for a 1 or 2 week program – your choice!

Week #1 – COMPLETE – July 21st  | 10 am -1 PM – “Overcoming Obstacles to Awakening – How to Break the Engagement with the Past”

Week #2 –  COMPLETE – July 28th | 10am -2 PM – “Finding Inner Peace and Freedom in our Conditioning Around Work, Survival and Money”


Week #2 | “Finding Inner Peace and Freedom in our Conditioning Around Work, Survival and Money” | July 28th 10am-2pm

Neelam encourages everybody who has been exposed to her teaching through teleconferences, YouTube videos, or in-person Satsangs to join this 4-hour intensive.

Freedom, the true independence of the past, and the very practical application of our recognition of Presence lays in our ability to apply that recognition to our conditioning.

Easier said than done as many of you know????. 

To truly embody our recognition of Presence we need to allow it to penetrate through the layers of the past and commit internally to a real and “live” process of Inquiry which inevitably brings us to recognizing and following what is True and to resting Here.

Patterns thrive and survive on repetition and it often takes time and practice to recognize and change the habit of following the past.

This 4 hour intensive is a very practical exploration of our misidentification with the sense of I and the survival instinct that arises in areas of our life connected to work, survival and money.

These areas – where the natural survival instinct and some of our deepest conditioning are at play – are usually the hardest to recognize, identify and address.

Please join me in this very live and experiential Inquiry.

Areas of focus:

– Who am I? & Identifying and Inquiring into our conditioning  around work survival and money.
– What is money and how that gets coupled in our Nervous System  with the sense of survival.
– Patterns thrive on repetition – how to break the habit of following the past and assure a real change.

Sliding Scale for Week 2 only: $55-135 – 4 Hour Half-Day Worldwide Intensive

Week #1 | ALREADY COMPLETED on 7/21 – “Overcoming Obstacles to Awakening – How to Break the Engagement with the Past” | July 21 10am-1pm

We have an amazing opportunity it in this lifetime to not only Awaken to the Truth of who we really are, but to come to live in Freedom.

Our search for Happiness Fulfilment and Peace – which really is the search for our True Nature – leads us to, and results in Awakening.

That search is supported and guided by our desire for Truth, by Trust in our True Nature and by Discrimination and Capacity of our Nervous System to be Here.

The obstacles that we experience in our desire to Awaken are the obstacles created by our involvement with and attachment to the Past.

Understanding and addressing our involvement with the Past and strengthening our reliance on Presence helps us to overcome the obstacles to Awakening

Areas of focus:

  • Who am I? – direct experience of Presence and Inquiring into the sense of I 
  • Capacity on the Nervous System to Be Here – identifying and inquiring into our attachment to the Past

Sliding Scale for Week 1 only: $25-65 – 3 Hour Worldwide Experiential TeleSatsang.

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