Starting October 20th, 2019

Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom

Using Life Challenges, Inquiry and Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here

1, 2 or 3 Week Program – Open To All
Worldwide Online – Experiential TeleSatsang Program

We have an amazing opportunity in this lifetime to not only Awaken to the Truth of who we really are but to Embody our recognition of Presence and to live in Freedom. Our day to day life, regardless of the challenges that we experience offers us an alive and ever present invitation for that.

In a course of a lifetime inevitably challenges arise- world events, health, money, relationship and so on – and instead of seeing it as an obstacle, we can transform our view and see it, experience it, and use it as a true opportunity and a gateway to Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

Experientially understanding Presence, Karma / Destiny and Free Will, Tendencies of the past and Okayness will gives us a foundation for a deeper commitment to Inquiry. Growing the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here enables us to truly understand and transform life challenges into Awakening, Peace and Freedom.

In this three week program Neelam will guide you through the steps necessary to use your life challenges for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom and to establish and grow your capacity for this transformation.

Week 1 – 3 hour call | 10 am-1 pm Mountain | 20th October – COMPLETE

  • Growing The Capacity of the Nervous System To Be Here
  • Transforming Life Challenges Into Awakening and Freedom – Part 1
  • What is practice?

Register below for Second Two Weeks – Registration Available until Oct 27 at 7am Mountain Time

Week 2- 3 hour call | 10 am-1pm Mountain | 27th October

  • Understanding Life Circumstances Through Karma / Destiny and Free Will
  • Life Challenges as a Gateway to Awakening – Addressing Tendencies of the Past
  • Who Am I?

Week 3 – 4 hour call | 10 am – 2 pm Mountain | 3rd November

  • Finding True Okayness
  • Transforming Life Challenges Into Awakening and Freedom – Part
  • Understanding the Role of the Nervous System in Inquiry

Registration closes at 7am Mountain Time on day of Program.
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