We’ve Been Busy!

Our Visions Remain Strong for True Transformation at FOTS

With Your End-of-Year 2021 Donations, Read What We Have Done So Far!

đź“š NEW Books / eBooks / Language Translations / Audiobooks

  • Wrote, compiled, formatted, edited, completed, and recently sent to print – ✨Neelam’s 2nd book, Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening!✨
  • Began converting this new book into a downloadable eBook
  • Began research to creating it into a downloadable audiobook
  • Created new eBook version of Neelam’s first book Invitation to Awakening, Pointers to Your True Self
  • Began translating into Polish, Invitation to Awakening Pointers to Your True Self
  • Recreated Neelam’s “Satsang Bhajans Song” Book from a long time back

🌍 Global Online Learning Modules

  • Researched and evaluated what connect would be most helpful and relevant for new people to have access to as an online learning module
  • Researched what online program lengths and styles would be most effective and attractive for online learners
  • Selected “Direct Experience of Presence” as the first online learning module
  • Identified some of the content that can be used for new online learning

đź’« Developing New Content

  • First Zoom Satsang! Held a Donor appreciation Singing Satsang Party
  • Planned, practiced, recorded, edited, and launched “Spiritual Questions with Neelam” Video Series… a new video series with Neelam!  
  • Recorded, edited and released new official “Direct Experience of Presence Guided Meditation”
  • Recorded, edited and released new official “Self-Inquiry Guided Meditation” audio
  • Creating a new downloadable professionally edited and “trimmed” Satsang series to make Neelam’s work more easily accessible for people. 

 đź“• New Teaching Opportunity Development

  • Neelam recorded a new zoom podcast interview being released soon.
  • We have reached out to numerous sources for new teaching and interview opportunities for Neelam.
  • Had a free 1-day Satsang program for first time students.  We had 10 new people take advantage of this free 1-day offer.
  • Neelam continues to hold weekly Private Session
  • Neelam continues to hold monthly 3-week program

đź–Ą  Website development, Office Infrastructure, Rebranding, and More

  • Developed and launched survey to better begin to understand what works for our beloved sangha and friends with regard to email frequency and YouTube
  • Interviewed and received quotes from several website development firms
  • Continuing to outline, writeup, and collect content for a new website
  • After numerous interviews and attempts, we have finally identified and are trying to hire a branding advisor

We thank you for your support!

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