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Freedom in Every Moment – New Years Intensive

Tuesday | January 1st | 10am-2pm MT

“The True Meaning of Surrender and the Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom”


The Desire for Truth, that brings us into this life together with the tendencies of the past, is a movement of our True Nature that calls us into a deeper Surrender.

Following that inner movement and understanding what the true meaning of it is is what actually brings us into a fuller experience of Presence and into Awakening and Freedom.

The key to reaching our goal and to successfully practice Inquiry is understanding and learning the skills of how to help our Nervous System to Be Here.

Please join Neelam in this 4 hour experiential New Years Intensive Tele Satsang to celebrate the New Year together and to deepen our commitment to and Love of Presence.

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