2020 December Fundraising Letter

December 8, 2020

My Dear,

Generosity has always been at the Heart of my ability to share this simple and yet so powerful teaching of Truth, Awakening and Freedom.

It takes many hands, hearts and many resources to make this happen ?

Your partnership has been an integral part of our success. I want to thank you for your participation, your attendance in programs, your support, and for your generous financial contributions — always welcomed and needed, especially now for our December 2020 end-of-year fundraising campaign. DONATE HERE

As a small nonprofit organization, we rely on your donations from programs and on our fundraising drives to sustain our operations.

We all have been challenged this year by the ongoing pandemic, economic difficulties and divisive politics and yet throughout it all, and with your support, we have been able to regularly offer meaningful programs that are powerfully Transformative and Awakening for so many students.

This most unusual time right now — in addition to the challenges we are all facing — offers an even stronger and powerful invitation to Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom. It is so important Now for your support to continue.

In order to make this teaching more available and more accessible in today’s world, we maintain our focus on two special projects: updating our website and our social media. This will allow us to serve you better and increase our reach. Our spring fundraising appeal raised a little more than half of the funds necessary for these projects. We hope that you and others will respond to this appeal and DONATE the remainder.

Our operating budget has also been affected by the pandemic. Despite the even deeper and more far-reaching work that takes place now and especially as people are faced  with deep seated patterns and often  struggle with anxiety, isolation and worry, program attendance has been less stable. Some students have lost their livelihoods. Your donations also support the participation of those affected by economic insecurity.

The operating budget and the behind-the-scenes office work are not very glamorous ?, yet these activities are so essential to our ability to serve you well. We have recently been blessed with Signe who has undertaken our office tasks so efficiently and generously. She has eased my workload as I continue in the most important personal work of restoring my health.

The Truth is always Here and as we are sitting together in programs and in private sessions the realities of Presence, Awakening, Tenderness and Freedom are so visible and so accessible to all our students now and I am so touched and happy with that.

Your gift before the end of December will help us help anchor our operations, update our website and improve our social media reach in 2021.

Please DONATE generously today according to your ability so that this teaching — so needed in today’s shifting and turbulent World — can continue to Awaken, to bring Peace, and to Transform.

With Love,

P.S. We have prepared small tokens of appreciation for your participation if you donate by December 31st, including recent photo of Neelam, a Video recording of Neelam’s Awakening and Recording of a the Program Is Awaking for You? How to follow our deepest truest desire for Freedom.

Gifts of Appreciation Include:

Level 3

$500 and Up

Recent Large Photograph of Neelam

Video Recording of Neelam’s Awakening

Recording of Program “Is Awakening for You? How to follow our deepest truest desire for Freedom”

Level 2

$200 to $500

Recent Medium-sized Photograph of Neelam

Video Recording of Neelam’s Awakening

Level 1

$50 to $200

Video Recording of Neelam’s Awakening 

Card with small recent photo of Neelam including quote inside

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