Awakening & The Elements Necessary for Awakening

Spoken Words by Neelam

The Elements Necessary for Awakening

Neelam experienced her Awakening in 1995 in the presence of her teacher Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. After receiving Papaji’s permission and blessing, she began teaching and continues to this day, over twenty-five years later.

Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening is the Spoken Word of Neelam, an awakened Teacher. It shares her profound wisdom and truth about the Awakening process, fundamental misunderstandings that stop us from Awakening, and key elements needed for us to Awaken. Neelam combines her profound spiritual wisdom with her science-based knowledge of the Nervous System to share a groundbreaking approach that can finally free us from patterns have prevented us for eons from Awakening!

Foreword by J.L. Simon, Ed.D., February 2022

We all have a journey that has brought us to the Path. And mine, like many others, was launched by a life-altering experience at age 16. Fast forwarding three-plus decades, my life has been spent feverishly dedicated to self-improvement and finding enlightenment. It feels like I’ve done it all: intense practices, retreats in sacred places, self-improvement, therapy, selfless giving, becoming an educator, becoming a Doctor of Education (you get the picture) – effort, effort, and more effort to improve and attain spiritual progress. Despite having extraordinary experiences in meditation and being blessed in so many ways … I was still seeking enlightenment, seeking Awakening, seeking true peace; I remained spiritually unsatisfied, and honestly feeling burnt out and disheartened with this whole process. This is when I found Neelam!

Now, just one and a half years later, I am no longer burnt out, and I am deeply excited again about the Path. But things are very different this time. Studying with Neelam I am learning to recognize the Truth of my / all-of-our Nature in everyday moments. Learning to dive directly into Presence just as I am right now – without changing anything, without doing anything, without improving anything. Presence right now, exactly where I happen to be – just as I am already. I can feel old beliefs, and patterns falling away, as I learn to stop, slow down, and put Presence first. Neelam’s teachings have fundamentally changed how I experience the Path and how I think about Awakening. OMG – the liberation and relief of this! This profound teaching is what Neelam offers everyone, and what she is sharing here with you in this wisdom-packed Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening.

Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening was created directly from a personal video that Neelam produced for her students about Awakening and what elements in their lives and practices would help them Awaken. It is her Spoken Word and gives the reader a window into her teaching and communication style. Her deep understanding of the Awakening process and how to help us realize our True Nature is what is shared freely in these pages. As we edited this book together, she read and reread the pages aloud, making sure that the words and content point the reader’s awareness directly to Stillness, Presence and Truth – and not to a purely mental engagement or understanding.

Because Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening was created from arising conversation that naturally moves in and out of different messages (versus perfectly written sentences created from an outline), we have used slightly unconventional formatting in hopes of creating space for the reader to take in the intensely rich content contained within each page. We have also chosen to capitalize important words like: Presence, Truth, Freedom, Peace, Rest, Discrimination, Past, and others. Neelam intends that these capitalized words point directly to Truths or aspects of our True Nature that are unending, unchangeable, always available, a true constant.

Finally, because Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening is written from a place of Truth about the Truth of who we are, the deepest part of you may recognize this. And so, you might consider paying attention to how this book affects you and your experience. How certain passages or messages may wash over you! How certain messages may bring you a moment of deeper peace, or stillness, or a sense of well-being or spaciousness inside!

May we all recognize our True Nature! May we all recognize the enlightenment within and wake up to the
exquisite beauty, Love, and connectedness already Here!

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Published: June 2022

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