3 Hour Experiential Telesatsang w/Neelam

Sunday | Oct 14th | 10am-1pm MT

“Desire for Freedom, Karma and elements necessary for Awakening”


We come into this life guided by the desire for Freedom and moved by the unmet, unexperienced patterns of the past. Through following and surrendering into the desire for Truth we can deepen our Inquiry and Presence , and we can Awaken  and come to live in Freedom.

Understanding Karma/ Destiny and Free Will sets a foundation for successful Inquiry.

Strengthening the elements necessary for Awakening :

  • Desire for Truth
  • Discrimination
  • Trust
  • Capacity of the nervous system to Be Here opens the door to  Awakening, Embodiment  and Freedom

Please join Neelam in this experiential 3 hour event.
She will share the teaching, and there will be time to ask questions and for group practice. We will also address the challenges around Karma/Destiny/Free Will and elements necessary for Awakening and Freedom through Inquiry.

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