2022 Spring Fundraising Letter

May 2022

My Dear Satsanga,

Our vision to transform FOTS remains very strong 🙂 and thanks to your generous donations last winter we have moved forward with many deep structural changes here at FOTS. We are all energized by this opportunity, and eternally grateful for and inspired by your support!

Now that we are building the foundation, your continued participation in our vision and your generous tax-deductible donation today will enable us to raise the $20K needed to continue our efforts to transform FOTS into the next phase of this organization’s growth.

Please read more in Jennifer’s letter below to see how this is possible.

I am very grateful for your support and for our connection 🙂❤️ and I am very much looking forward to facilitating even more of a change — here at FOTS and in today’s World.

With Love and Gratitude,


Hello Dear Sanghamates and Friends of Neelam,

We have been VERY BUSY continuing the momentum that began with our end-of-last-year fundraiser. We are moving forward, focused, and dedicated in 2022 to bring Neelam’s spiritual teachings to the
(Please see a summary of all our recent projects at this link)

As happens with major change, we have uncovered a roadblock and your support is crucially important, very much needed, and greatly appreciated, in order to help us to continue the strong inner and outer momentum to transform FOTS!

As we are working on many projects, we realized that Neelam’s technology and working space must be upgraded in order to keep things moving forward. For example, she literally cannot work on basic things with us because her computer is 11 years old and completely outdated and antiquated.

❤️This fundraiser is dedicated to providing our Beautiful Neelam with what she needs to connect better, create better, and share better with you, all of us, and the World.❤️ In addition to a new computer, she also needs other non-toxic and suitable basic teaching tools like a microphone, lamp, and table & chair.

For years Neelam has not wanted to make these needs a priority, but the Truth is we need and want her to have her basic needs taken care of!

This is where we have the opportunity to work together to make a real impact for her – so that she can help you and all of us!

So, please donate! Together we are stronger, and together we can give back to Neelam so that she can continue to work within this changing world.

— Jennifer Simon, FOTS Volunteer

Three Ways to Donate — New! Gift Registry

  1. Select a single critically needed item or two to purchase as a donation,
  2. Select an item for a group gift donation by entering a $ amount in the white box or at this link,
  3. Donate $ by check, credit card or stock to allow FOTS to purchase equipment needed the most.

*Checks are highly preferred for larger donations.*

Gifts for YOU With Our Gratitude

Under $49 Donation Gifts

  1. New* Video:  “Why can I not sit still for meditation? 
  2. New* Audio:   An edited <4hr audio set based on the full 2019-September program on “3 Most Important Elements of Spiritual Journey:  Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom”
  3. Direct Experience of Presence Special Guided Inquiry Recording 

Between $50 – $99 Donation Gifts

  1. New* Book by Neelam, Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening 
  2. New* Printed 5×7 Color photograph of Neelam 2022
  3. New* Video:  “Why is it important to address Trauma for Awakening?”
  4. New* Audio: An edited  <4hr audio set based on the full 2019-December program on Is Awakening for you?”

$100 – $499 Donation Gifts  

  1. New* Event: Special Storytime Zoom Satsang 
    • Hear Neelam’s stories about meeting Papaji 
    • Opportunity to share our stories about meeting Neelam
  2. New* Nature Photography Greeting Card (set of 6) By Neelam
  3. New* Video:  “Is it okay? inquiry with Student”  
  4. New* Video:  “Catching the NS, Returning to Present, Inquiry with student” 

$500+ Donation Gifts

  1. New* Event:  Your Decision for Freedom: A Mystical Deep Dive, the Unconscious Made Visible – Gain deeper insight into what stops you from freedom right now!
    • Small group/personalized Zoom Satsang; at-home pre-work reflections encouraged for deeper participation
  2. Donor’s Choice:  Select any additional items from any previous category.
  3. New* Meditation:  Guided Audio Recording “Does this belong to me?” – Letting go of what binds us! 

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