tele-conference calling options

Land lines and cell phones both work for conference calls (with land lines typically offering clearer reception). But, if you don’t have a good long distance plan OR are calling from out of the country OR would like to be hands free during the call, then creating a skype account could be a simple solution. Simply sign up for skype, sign into your account, call the conference call number, enter the call’s access code, then listen and speak into the computer when needed.

a note about prerequisites

The purpose of Neelam’s teaching is to help us know that Presence is our True Nature. Working with Neelam, on-going, is how real change happens. Longer programs with Neelam have a strong pre-requisite—they are open only to students who have worked with Neelam previously. This is very important as the shorter programs lay the ground work for the deeper work that happens in the longer programs.

New Years Day – Zoom Video Intensive with Neelam

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  • Finding Presence - Living Free
    January 1, 2018
    11:00 am - 5:00 pm

New Years Day – 2018
Finding Presence – Living Free

Day-Long Intensive – Zoom Video Satsang

January 1, 2018 | 11am – 5pm MT/US
(Convert to your time zone)

We are always Awake in Presence, but our normal mind moves away from its Natural State into individual identity  “Finding Presence – Living Free” as taught by Neelam gracefully brings you back to your Real Self.

In the process that leads to Awakening our attention moves many times between the recognition of Presence and the contraction into a sense of individual identity.  Awakening is a shift from identifying yourself as this body to knowing yourself as Presence.

To truly be Free we need strong discrimination between past and present and to Embody our recognition of Presence. Neelam’s teaching guides us through this process, which grows the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here.

Join us for this daylong Intensive on Zoom, with a one hour lunch break.

Start the New Year expanding your capacity and strengthening your commitment for true Freedom.

Please note – Due to Neelam’s extreme sensitivity to EMF’s, there is a chance Neelam will need to lead the intensive by Audio.  We will send Zoom Video information with call-in options… Please keep an eye on emails from for updates.   We all wish to see her on video and hope it will be the case… thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

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