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Land lines and cell phones both work for conference calls (with land lines typically offering clearer reception). But, if you don’t have a good long distance plan OR are calling from out of the country OR would like to be hands free during the call, then creating a skype account could be a simple solution. Simply sign up for skype, sign into your account, call the conference call number, enter the call’s access code, then listen and speak into the computer when needed.

a note about prerequisites

The purpose of Neelam’s teaching is to help us know that Presence is our True Nature. Working with Neelam, on-going, is how real change happens. Longer programs with Neelam have a strong pre-requisite—they are open only to students who have worked with Neelam previously. This is very important as the shorter programs lay the ground work for the deeper work that happens in the longer programs.

FREEDOM IN EVERY MOMENT: Presence, Awakening and the Power of Inquiry – A 6-Month TeleCourse with Neelam

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  • October 30, 2016 - April 2, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monthly payment options available – contact us at

“Freedom, our birthright, is the true purpose of this life” ~Neelam

Presence, Awakening and the Power of Inquiry

A 6-Month TeleCourse with Neelam – Open to all students
Sundays, October 30, 2016 – April 2,  2017

A Free Information TeleConference Call with Neelam:
10am MT/Sunday October 16, 2016

We come into this life carried by the momentum of our unresolved past and guided by our desire for Freedom. This movement and the very precious birth in the human body presents us with the real opportunity in this lifetime to reach our goal.

Learning to trust Presence, more than we trust patterns of the past, creates the foundation for Awakening. Meeting the unexamined patterns directly through the process of Inquiry, establishes us firmly in Freedom.

In this 6-month program, Neelam offers a very direct invitation to experience our True Nature and come to rest  in That. Through the Direct Experience of Presence and the Inquiry Process and through identifying and meeting the particular tendencies  of the past that stop us from resting Here – this program offers a unique opportunity for transformation.

With Neelam’s guidance, you will find the support and the skills that you need to learn how  to  Be  Here and  to choose Presence. This program will provide you with many opportunities and the safety to  meet and face what arises. One of the most important parts of sitting together for six months is the continuous commitment to   Freedom and the opportunity to deeply understand, learn and embody the teaching. 
It is the energy and the  momentum that we bring into Being Here and being  Present that has the power to permanently stop the engagement with the past.

• Awakening and the Direct Experience of Presence
• The core principles of The teaching
• The power of self-inquiry
• The human body, nervous system and brain
• Identifying the tendencies of the past and how does that affect our ability to be here
•How to apply the inquiry process when you are relational -true Yes and No

Your full participation in all aspects of the program is required*
• Teleconference Satsangs and at-home daylong intensive calls with Neelam every other week (except holidays – specific schedule will be posted)
• Additional  teaching and  homework recordings from Neelam and details on how to apply these assignments to our lives every other week (except holidays)
• Weekly partner inquiry – 1 hour per week
• 2 mentoring calls with long time students

*We request that you are not absent from more than two meetings in this program.

• Satsangs including Daylong Intensives with Neelam
-additional teaching and homework recordings
• Group support
• Mentoring calls with long-time students
• Partner inquiry
• Written assignments
• Recordings of all the sessions
• Neelam will offer a limited number of private phone sessions to students in this program for an additional fee

• A desire and willingness to give Presence “center stage” in your life

• Register on or before October 18, 2016 – $975 – $1375 or more
• After October 18 – $1375 or more
• Register by payment in full or by making a nonrefundable $100 deposit at
• Thank you for your interest in Neelam and her teaching!

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